Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Buildings

Owners and operators understand how critical it is to minimize downtime, streamline operations and maximize operational efficiency to drive profits. Since the volume, BTU rating and purity of natural gas determine the price at which it is sold, investing in accurate measurement of gas composition enables owners and operators to actively manage their supply lines to ensure their natural gas is sold at the best possible price. By using an online gas chromatograph, rather than spot sampling, operators are able to price the natural gas they receive more accurately through real-time composition assessments.

McClure Energy Solution’s gas chromatograph analyzer buildings consist of two independent sections, a hazardous side where the gas is sampled and analyzed, and a nonhazardous side where the control system and power supply is housed. With the ability to measure multiple streams, these analyzer buildings are well suited to areas with multiple pipelines and large interconnects.

The fully climate controlled building is designed with operators in mind to make field work safe, comfortable and more efficient.


  • Gas Chromatograph pre-tubed to calibration gas and carrier gas switch over and ready for use
  • Hazardous side designed for Class I, Division 2
  • Explosion-proof switches and receptacles
  • Combustible gas monitoring and automatic fail-safe ventilation system with hand/off/auto switch
  • Steel structure is powder coated galvanized for longevity and wear
  • Compact and localized interior and exterior building lighting controls
  • Skid mounted with tube steel frame
  • Lifting eyes mounted on frame
  • Insect and rodent resistant insulation
  • Panic bar hardware on all doors
  • Heat trace power switch provided for each sample stream
  • Class I, Division 2 room heater and thermostat
  • ABB Gas Chromatograph (Choice of gas chromatograph available)
  • Automatic carrier gas switch over valve
  • Slip stream gas sampling (optional)


  • Double doors to the hazardous side for the ease of installing calibration and carrier gas bottles
  • Easy to access all equipment and devices for servicing and routine maintenance
  • Full set of GC building and controls drawings (structural/electrical/pneumatic) included
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
Steel Gas Chromatograph Building Standard Specs
(Compliant with API RP 500 and API RP 505 Guidelines)
Standard size 8’ x 13’ (custom sizes available)
Building floor 1/4″ galvanized steel plate
Exterior steel 26 gauge steel siding (24 gauge available upon request)
Exterior color Tan standard (custom colors available upon request)
Interior color White standard (custom colors available upon request)
Ceiling and wall material 3/4″ plywood with fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) coating
Standard closed cell insulation Wall insulation – R13 value
Ceiling insulation – R13 value (R26 available upon request)
Floor insulation – R13 value
Single door entry to non-hazardous side R12 insulation
Double door entry to hazardous side R12 insulation
Door type Commercial-grade 20 gauge steel door (18 gauge available upon request)
Door window on non-hazardous side 10″ x 10″
Door window on one of the hazardous side doors 10″ x 10″