Control buildings essential to managing the country’s critical infrastructure are subject to an array of weather elements and conditions. These conditions demand that buildings are designed to withstand a variety of adverse conditions. At McClure Energy Solutions (MES), our staff of former operators and technicians understands the features needed in the field, because they have been there. This hands-on experience drives our commitment to designing high-quality, innovative concrete control buildings and enclosures that are durable, user-friendly and minimize maintenance costs.

MES designs and fabricates buildings to house instrumentation, controls and equipment for a wide range of oil, gas, water, telecommunications and power installations. These buildings offer intuitive features to make daily tasks and maintenance more convenient and cost effective.


  • Marvair or equal wall mount 2 ton A/C with 5 kW heat strip and thermostat is standard in most sizes.
  • Custom electrical and equipment build-out options are available.


  • Watertight construction from roof to flooring.
  • 30-06 bullet resistance (equivalent to Underwriters Laboratory UL 752 Standard).
  • Climate-control system features high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment.
  • Heavy-duty steel doors, high-quality hardware, lockset and sealed threshold.
  • Buildings may be outfitted with custom configurations for station PLC and HMI interfaces, electrical flow meter (EFM), radio equipment for SCADA system, portable generators, and more.
  • Shelters can be built with no floor to accommodate deep well pumps, meter pits and other special requirements.
  • Shelters can be moved with a crane multiple times without damaging or bending the structure.
  • Built to withstand 150 mph plus wind loads with optional FEMA-rated door.


  • Superior weather resistance and sound isolation.
  • Easy to access all equipment and devices for servicing and routine maintenance.
  • Full set of control building and controls drawings (structural/electrical and lifting) included.
  • Assembled in the USA.

Our complete, turnkey process ensures your building is constructed with the same level of care with which it was designed. Additionally, the streamlined process from procurement and fabrication to on-site installation helps maximize valuable asset up time.

Standard Specifications
Sizes 10′ x 10′, 12′ x 24′, 14′ x 40′ (Custom sizes available.)
Materials Roof, wall and floor materials – 5000 psi concrete
Building Thickness 4 3/4″ Concrete
Wall Thickness 3″
Exterior Finish Standard pebble finish with finished painted exterior available.
Interior Color White (Custom colors available upon request)
Closed Cell Insulation Wall Insulation – R12, Ceiling Insulation – R22
Options One or multiple entry doors are available with window options
Building Weight Approximately 50,000 pounds for 12′ X 24′