Improve Custody Transfer and Profitability for Natural Gas and Petroleum Facilities

Metering and regulation stations serve a vital function in providing accurate and continuous measurement for all types of natural gas and petroleum facilities. Owners and operators understand how critical the accuracy and reliability of these stations are to custody transfer and profits. To address these needs, McClure Energy Solutions provides complete, EPC delivery of metering and regulation stations designed to optimize operational efficiency and reliability.

We also design and fabricate a full range of control panels and control buildings to enclose the vital components at these facilities.

As a turnkey provider, we provide a full set of design drawings as well as the fabrication and installation of all components for stationary or skidded packages. Additionally, our team can provide comprehensive on-site project management from design to commissioning and start-up. Our engineers and technicians are experienced operators who design packaged solutions to ensure the final product meets the present and future needs of a facility.


  • Flow Computers: Fisher ROC, Bristol ControlWave or customer preference
  • HMI Programming: Wonderware, Clear Scada, GE iFix, Parker, Red, and assortment of other HMIs


  • Design and Drawings: Facility layout, piping/piping modifications, meter runs, filter skids, regulator skids, concrete for piers/supports, piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), cable and conduit schedules, electrical conduit, programmable logic controller (PLC) enclosures, uninterruptable power supply (UPS) enclosures, hazardous area classification, and control
    building layout
  • Procurement: Instrumentation, valves, regulators, piping, fittings and all materials for skids
  • Fabrication: Skids, piping welds, upstream and downstream piping for tie-ins, PLC enclosures, UPS backup systems, and control buildings
  • Site Preparation: Grading, trenching, excavation for meter inlet and outlet headers, graveling, fencing, concrete piers, and concrete pads
  • Installation: Piping and skids, instrumentation (i.e., transmitters, samplers, instrument gas filters, status indicators and solenoids), electrical conduit, cabling, final terminations, and grounding
  • Construction Observation: Manage project and sub-contractors from drawings through end of construction
  • Commissioning and Station Start-Up: Verify all operational requirements, from instrumentation and controls to electrical systems, equipment calibration, record drawings, and software functionality