External coatings are the first defense against corrosion. The application of an effective cathodic protection (CP) system will extend design life and reduce the risk of leaks, loss of product and loss of operations. CP is paramount to regulatory compliance, safety and protection of the environment.

At McClure Energy Solutions, our staff continually educates themselves on industry standards, regulations and best practices. We are focused on providing comprehensive, cost-effective CP solutions for new and existing pipelines and structures.

Experience, Expertise and Safety

The cathodic protection staff at Enterprise Solutions has more than 100 years of collective experience in the pipeline integrity industry.

All of our professional staff are:

  • NACE Certified
  • Operator Qualified
  • OSHA Certified
cathodic protection rectifier

Enterprise Solutions Cathodic Protection Services:

  • Inspection services
    MES offers comprehensive inspection services, including corrosion surveys and stray current detection. We offer AC current detection and AC mitigation services to address AC induced corrosion that can jeopardize pipeline integrity with oil and gas pipelines sharing or crossing power line right of ways.
  • Design services
    Following inspection and assessment, our corrosion engineers will design cathodic protection solutions and comprehensive pipeline integrity programs to meet your needs for pipelines, oil and gas facilities, and industrial plants.
  • Installation services
    Our NACE-certified, operator qualified CP professionals are experienced with galvanic anode and impressed current system installation. Based on system conditions and needs, our staff apply deep groundbed, conventional groundbed and linear groundbed installations while providing test lead installations to meet PHMSA regulation for sustained system testing and maintenance.

Following installation, Enterprise Solutions will provide system commissioning, testing and adjustment.