Installation, repair and replacement to protect vital oil and gas assets

An increasing emphasis on safety and integrity in the oil and gas industry is intended to ensure pipelines remain a reliable piece of infrastructure for energy companies and the communities they serve. Yet many small capital projects and O&M projects are under-served by established contractors. We’re focused on delivering technical solutions across the integrity spectrum to operators to address single source responsibility, improve cost projections and relieve the demand on over-utilized technical staff.

Safety is the priority at
McClure Energy Solutions.

When it comes to safety in the field, we don’t compromise. Our technicians are OSHA certified, Operator Qualified and have in-depth knowledge of ASME standards. Additionally, their familiarity with identification of right of way encroachment issues as well as PHMSA repair protocols and design parameters ensures safety and regulatory standards are accounted for in their designs and installations.


Capital Projects and Operation and Maintenance Programs for Client Operator Facilities

Right-of-way Clearing
Cathodic Protection


  • Conventional Ground Bed

  • Deepwell Ground Bed

  • Linear Ground Bed

Small Scale Construction for High Value Assets

McClure Energy Solutions offers a combination of expertise in all phases of cathodic protection and AC mitigation installation with an informed, consultative approach to comprehensive pipeline integrity and regulatory compliance. We are able to offer clients fully integrated integrity services backed by specialized knowledge and experience. Our employees have been involved in the development and execution of installation techniques that have been adopted as industry standards.

This commitment to exceptional quality begins with experts who have worked in the geographic areas they are familiar with, and are able to adapt installation plans to account for the varying conditions encountered when completing installations throughout the U.S.

The Value We Offer:

Experience – More than 30 years of construction experience has positioned us as a leading provider of cathodic protection installation services.

Expertise – Our consultative approach is rooted in designing safe, cost-effective solutions.

Knowledge – We develop a comprehensive plan with essential technical and engineering details.

Safety First – We follow strict repair and replacement protocols to ensure compliance.

Delivery –  We offer superior quality, reliability and durability on the delivery of our construction services.

Focus – We specialize in pipe excavation and remediation to address pipeline threats.