At McClure Energy Solutions, we specialize in helping pipeline operators manage the powerful systems that carry energy resources across the country. It is essential that proper integrity management protocols be developed to extend design life, ensure safety, avoid costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

Our experienced team of inspectors, surveyors and engineers are Operator Qualified (OQed) to comprehensively support pipeline integrity through external corrosion direct assessments (ECDA), internal corrosion direct assessments (ICDA), project management, in-line inspection, corrosion mitigation and prevention, and ongoing evaluation, assessment and maintenance.

Comprehensive Integrity Solutions

Threat identification and assessment are essential to properly prioritizing and addressing pipeline integrity. Our team is experienced with identifying high consequence areas (HCAs) and moderate consequence areas (MCAs), and determining threats using threat classifications and categories outlined in ASME B31.8S to determine if direct assessment is applicable.

Leveraging their experience and expertise, our team determines what tool will best assess the corrosion and corrosion threats as well as which solution will best protect the integrity of the pipe, whether it be cathodic protection, AC mitigation, coatings or other solutions. Then, based on the assessments and analysis, we provide actionable plans for addressing anomalies and compromised sections. To complete our end-to-end integrity solutions, MES’s integrity construction team offers pipeline excavation, direct assessment anomaly digs, hydrostatic testing, MAOP validation and cathodic protection installs.

Surveying Expertise

MES offers comprehensive pipeline integrity survey services, including close interval surveys, soil resistivity tests, and alternating current and direct current voltage gradients. Since the company’s inception, we have provided a diverse range of the industry’s most innovative, reliable and visionary surveying services.

Corrosion Services Team
100+ years of collective experience.
NACE Certified | Operator Qualified | OSHA Certified

Data Management Services for Pipeline Integrity Management

Complete, accurate field data is essential to optimizing safety, managing pipeline assets, meeting regulatory requirements and protecting the environment as part of an effective pipeline integrity management program. SKW’s integrated team of GIS and corrosion professionals deliver an array of solutions for pipeline integrity management, corrosion services and data management, including:

  • Workflow analysis and re-engineering to address efficiency, accuracy and duplication.
  • Risk factor analysis to guide integrity programs and prioritization.
  • Data quality and metadata integration for data retrieval.
  • Building inspection databases, data models and systems.
  • MAOP validation and hydrostatic test data documentation.
  • Data assessment for accuracy and completeness.
  • Data storage and updates during database update approval processes.
  • Preparing systems for future regulatory changes.
SKW corrosion technician marking a pipeline

As a single-source solution for pipeline integrity, MES provides:

  • Integrity management plans
  • AC Mitigation
  • Pipeline integrity surveys
  • Pipeline excavation
  • Direct assessment anomaly digs
  • Repairs for inline inspection runs
  • Cathodic protection design and installs
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • MAOP validation