The goals of every power generator, oil and gas producer, energy distributor, and utility are the same — greater productivity, lower cost and higher return on investment. You know that simply “throwing technology” at the problem is not the solution.

It’s the electrical design, along with the control system architecture and systems implementation, that yield true productivity gains. It’s the efficiency of the design and the long-term expansion capacity that makes your investment yield significant returns over time.

McClure Energy Solutions specializes in:

PLC Enclosures

VRU Control Panels

Variable Frequency Drives


McClure Energy Solutions offers a wide range of panels, racks and enclosures to house control systems and many types of equipment for oil, gas, power, water, material handling and automotive applications. Our EPC approach ensures fast delivery, tailored to your short- and long-term needs – from design and fabrication through programming, testing and on-site installation.

MES’s designers analyze, evaluate and compare alternative designs and architectures to determine your highest return solution. Our client-centered approach means we collaborate with you on all the key details to maximize panel performance.

Key Features of Enterprise Solutions Control Panels

  • System and enclosure design
  • Component procurement
  • Fabrication/assembly of multiple panels within a climate controlled panel shop
  • Panel heating and/or cooling options
  • PLC and/or HMI programming
  • Quality control/quality assurance procedures
  • Factory acceptance testing available
  • Unit startup and commissioning