Remote Level/Presure Control by Radio

Radio I/O

A constant flow of clean drinking water and reliable collection of wastewater are essential to protecting public health, safety and welfare. However, limited funding and strained budgets can make it challenging to implement automation and control systems to protect and regulate the flow of a community’s water resources. The Radio I/O from McClure Energy Solutions offers an affordable alternative to monitor and control system level and pressure from up to 10 miles away.

Solid State Motor Starters

Operators can use the controller as a standalone at both master and remote locations, or the master and remote unit can be integrated with an existing station PLC. The result is a pre-packaged unit that does not require costly custom programming, engineering or systems integration. Almost instantly, the operational efficiency of facilities will increase by configuring the pressure/level setpoint at the master and a 4-20ma analog pressure/level input.

Master Station Controller

Master Alarm Indications

  • AC Power Fail
  • RF Communications OK
  • DC Power Fail
  • Solenoid On (Command Sent)
  • Level or Pressure Readout

Remote Level/Press Device

Remiote Alarm Indications

  • AC Power Status
  • DC Power Status
  • Master Controller in Auto
  • Pump/Valve – On/Open



  • Level/pressure sensing at the slave/remote (or any analog input)
  • Analog value transmitted to pump/actuated valve at the master station
  • On/off valve/pump control (or any digital output)
  • Integrated LED status display
  • Panel equipped with heater, transient protection and battery back-up
  • Up to 10-mile license-free radio transmission radius
  • Hand – Off – Auto switch for valve/pump at the master station
  • Pre-packaged controller enclosures
  • Exterior LED displays to provide visual confirmation of system status


  • No need for costly custom programming or engineering
  • Standalone operation or simple integration with an existing PLC
  • Assembled in the USA