Compressor Station Modernization

The Challenge:

Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company (PEPL) operates a 6,376-mile pipeline system that carries gas from supply sources to markets in the Midwest. The pipeline’s 24 compressor stations were based on sets of 1,000 to 8,000 horsepower reciprocating natural gas engines and were in need of modernization.


Modernizing the stations involved replacing the oldest engines with more efficient, higher horsepower solar turbine compressors. MES upgraded the PLC-based process control systems, standardized the operator interfaces and provided the flexibility to operate the stations in unmanned mode.

Capacity control algorithms and Maximum Allowable Operation (MAOP) setpoints were modified to integrate the new turbines and optimized for existing engines.


Remote setpoint and command control logic allow for unmanned operation, and the pipeline is now equipped to maximize operational efficiency for PEPL.