Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Building


A large interstate natural gas pipeline wanted to improve the reliability of their gas analysis, used in pricing for distribution to its customers. Prior to this, the company had used spot sampling to determine the average composition of their gas, but they wanted a more accurate measurement system that would be less skewed by anomalies and cost fewer man hours in the field.

MES provided the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of an 8-foot by 13-foot gas chromatograph analyzer building. The building has two independent sections, a Class 1 Division 2 rated side where the gas is sampled and analyzed and a non-hazardous side where the programmable logic controller (PLC) control system and the 24 volt DC UPS is housed, along with an operator workspace. This allows the building to function as a comfortable and safe field office for operators in addition to improving gas measurement accuracy and efficiency.

A live stream of the gas composition data, including the hydrocarbons, BTU and specific gravity of the gas, is sent to the operator’s computer through a PLC. Additionally, the gas chromatograph can be operated remotely, and is equipped with safety instrumented system (SIS), which detects gas levels. At a given gas level, the PLC will automatically start the exhaust fan, turn on the building safety beacon and alert the operator.


With their gas chromatograph analyzer building, the operator is able to analyze the flow and quality of their gas continuously, and set a price for it more accurately. The company was also able to save time and money by using non-hazardous side of the building to house a remote operated valve housing and manage station operations.

MES’s efficient in-house fabrication of the building ensured the team could meet the deadline and provide accurate, automated measurement of the natural gas composition.