Metering Station and Control Building

The Challenge:

A natural gas company needed to be able to meter gas to be sold to a large waste and recycling company to fuel their company trucks with compressed natural gas (CNG).


MES provided EPC delivery of a PLC panel with a universal power supply in a 8-foot by 8-foot control building. The climate-controlled building is equipped with work space for technicians. MES hot tapped the existing line and created a new connection to the skidded metering station.

The site, which included a creek, required stabilization piers and culverts to mitigate water concerns. MES provided site design, fencing and land reclamation for the project.


The client needed CNG to be available by the beginning of the year, which meant MES had one month to put the metering station in place and complete all the site modifications and land reclamation. MES’s efficient in-house fabrication of the meter skid and control building ensured the team could meet the deadline and provide accurate, automated measurement of the natural gas.